The Bell Jar.

Independence generally is seen as a positive attribute, hugely sought after by employers and universities because it demonstrates one's ability to look after themselves. Being independent is a skill acquired naturally and I find that it has two main spheres - of freedom and of loneliness. The first sphere is what's most commonly associated with... Continue Reading →


The Education System is Flawed.

As a child we are told that we can be anything we desire - an astronaut, a dancer, an archeologist or a president. But as we get older, we learn that everything we desired to do as children requires a jump over a large (and costly) hurdle: university. By secondary school, most realise and many... Continue Reading →

Counting Down.

We live our lives counting down to something - to our next job, to our next coffee date, to the weekend. For others it's maybe till the end of school or even till their next pay check. Either way there's still a notion of counting down, waiting for something to happen. I find that the... Continue Reading →

The Wound of Inequality.

I watched the film "The Hidden Figures" yesterday night, and I have to absolutely agree with everyone that it is a beautiful, fantastic, empowering and downright and a downright amazing film. To come up with enough complementary phrases and articulate more adjectives I could speak, write and scream from the roof tops all year, and... Continue Reading →

The Empty Space

I once thought I found my dream match. Nice guy, with both creativity and intelligence. Similarly, I once believed I had lived in a utopian school, where everybody was genuine and had compassion. As the years slip by, I discover why it wasn't so. In order for my beliefs to be true, in order for... Continue Reading →

Curious little thing called Time.

Say it with me: We've only got 3 months of the year left. 61 days, 1,464 hours and 87,840 minutes left and counting, downwards. Doesn't it freak you out that we've only got 3 months of the year of 2017 left? Because I am totally freaking out. Today it's be halloween, where towns transform for... Continue Reading →


I've moved from a community I grew up in, a place where I could call home for many years. I used to say hello to people in the corridors and people would greet me, peers and teachers alike. I may not have been Miss Popularity but people knew me by what I had done for... Continue Reading →

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