I’m not sure what to make as my first post that will not embarrass me later.

Perhaps I can introduce myself and this thing I call a writing blog.

I’m a female who goes by the name of Ashley, I love reading, writing and Harry Potter (I’m a Slytherin-ambitious and intelligent) . I am incredibly introverted, perhaps as most writers are. I am a strong INF-J, which may sound weird because I love performing, I love theatre-perhaps you should blame Shakespeare for that, but if Shakespeare was never introduced into this world of English and Drama, I may not be typing these words onto a computer screen! More on my hobbies, I’m a grade 5 Pianist and grade 3 Flautist (Flute player) and I supposedly can sing, being in the choir for 6 years or so. I’m also a netball player for my school team, and I love to read and write.

Maybe you’ll follow me and read weekly my thoughts on society and how it should function, or how dysfunctional society is and how perhaps we can rectify its mistakes. Perhaps you’ll just catch a glimpse of a quote, backed by a beautiful photo I might have took. Or maybe you’ll never see me again. However if you do, or if you don’t, I wish you a very good day, and a happy, joyful life.


(Picture Credit – Death to the Stock)


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