Why I’m Not a Hipster

I’m on tumblr, WordPress, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest you name it. On my feed tonnes of ‘tumblr’ posts get flung my way and generally I really enjoy reading text posts, seeing beautifully shot photographs and even creating them myself. But one side of tumblr, the hipster side, bugs me a little.

  Don’t get me wrong, I respect hipsters and their really cool fashion and music taste – it’s something I could never do myself. I briefly tried (and failed) to be a hipster. Well, I’m still trying to take hipster photos and run a hipster blog.

What I don’t like about the hipster mentality is that selfish individual side of being a hipster. I’m not trying to bash someone’s individual taste for fashion or music or whatever floats your boat, flaunt what you want! It really irritates me when hipsters get annoyed about you sharing interests with them.

  I have a friend who’s a self proclaimed hipster and although I think her art and photography’s great, I don’t like how she refuses to share things that’ll help people. There was a programme that really helps with design, and just the visuals and templates are able to boost your grade, presentations-wise. Generally, people in class will notice a great presentation and be interested to know which app you used, they’ll find out what you’ve used and continue telling others about how great it is. And that is beneficial for you, the people around you and the company itself! Recently she said ‘I hate how everybody’s using this programme now’ and I found that really selfish. It genuinely baffles me on why it would bug you, why you would hate someone that used a tool that you’ve used to benefit their life.

  Regardless of what my friend said, I’m still friends with her. I’m a passive person and will let things slide if it’s no big deal, and really it is. I’m a strong believer in helping people where I can, and I hope this short post opens your eyes a little bit to the other side of the hipster world. Please don’t be selfish, and share. If you can’t share anything, share love.


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