“Border Crossing Student”

There’s a term: “border crossing student” that exists in Hong Kong, describing the children from mainland China crossing the border to Hong Kong, on a daily basis for school. I sat down to watch 20 minutes of the programme, as it was in Chinese to improve my fluency. Despite the majority of it being in... Continue Reading →


Title: Scrapbooking.

I am an obsessive scrapbooker - I've kept some sort of record, memory of each year that I've started scrapbooking - probably since I was in year 4. I was that kid who gave everyone leaving scrapbooks, all images and messages from teachers and friends alike laid beautifully on the page, an incoherent mess to... Continue Reading →

Alternate Universes.

I wonder in an alternate universe, would I be fat, skinny, taller or shorter? Smarter, dumber, in love with some one or just breaking up? Perhaps I love coffee more than I do, or maybe I don't. Am I happier, living where I am now, or am I living somewhere completely different? Maybe I'm worse... Continue Reading →

People & Their Stories

You know what I'm always amazed by ? The amount of people on this earth. All these homo sapiens, their births recorded meticulously on birth registries, all existing on this earth exactly the same time as me. Sit on a busy street for 5 minutes, the plethora of people that pass you by; some you... Continue Reading →

English Literature

The thing about literature that I love is how different people can interpret things different ways. A key feature of the Harry Potter fandom, other than the fact that our fandom is ever present, is that people are still presenting new theories and ideas, head canons and symbolic features behind JK's work. I believe that we've... Continue Reading →


The art of performing, or more specifically acting today, is an intriguing art form that has lasted through centuries. Performing on stage, as I have completed my GCSE Drama a couple months back, has brought a few interesting thoughts to my mind.   Picture this: you’re under the lights, harsh and bright. The audience are... Continue Reading →

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