On taking the road less travelled.

There are so many paths life can lead me down yet I only get to choose one – or rather I only end up going down one. Some trails in life are brightly lit, paved neatly, however others are obscure and narrow, as well as quiet. Most are drawn to wide open plains with clear sunny skies and many people, others see the beauty of quiet lanes and a few companions. Few, see the beauty of going down a route nobody has been before.

We are given by superiors, peers and parents, advice on the sidelines on how to pick a direction at the crossroads, for example the famous quote:

take the road less travelled.

Many of our parental figures, or people we respect to want us to follow their paths, because they’ve walked the road of uncertainty for you already. They want to keep you safe, shelter you from dangers that arise form other trails, obstructions perhaps, that they may have faced themselves. And it’s not wrong, there is an innate sense from a mother or a father to protect their child. Don’t disregard their path, but if you choose not to follow it, ask for advice on overcoming obstacles, rather than directions for following. You are a product of your environment, and may end up following them anyways. Parents also wish to take you on their highway because they don’t see the destination you hope for. And fulfilling their path may lead you to a city very far from the kingdom you had imagined.

I can’t give you advice on what route to take, because I’m at a daunting crossroad myself. Figuring out what I want to do in the future, debating between following my passion or following in a track my parents laid down for me will probably be the most difficult choice I make.

I’m wondering on wether I should forge my own metaphorical path in this world – I know my destination, and that’s a start, perhaps. I want to be happy and have a dog. I want to stay close to God and I also want to visit a Harry Potter theme park annually. But with most roads this age, it’s difficult to see the destination. You may trudge through a torrenting river of doubts, a misty fog of failure, a forest of lies, hatred and insecurity. You will encounter many people on your journey; ones that speak joy, and others: pessimism. Some may convince you to leave your road and join theirs, and others will change your path’s direction and even it’s destination.

One thing that is important about your path is that you should never look back at the twists and turns you have made. Solely, because it is in the past. With every experienced hiker, each one knows to keep going and not be intimidated by the future hardships. Don’t be afraid to shed some weight (baggage), and similarly don’t be frightened to push people off the road you travel. Don’t be sad about people leaving your path either.

Enjoy your journey of this life, because you only get one chance to walk it.


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