English Literature

The thing about literature that I love is how different people can interpret things different ways.

A key feature of the Harry Potter fandom, other than the fact that our fandom is ever present, is that people are still presenting new theories and ideas, head canons and symbolic features behind JK’s work. I believe that we’ve firmly as a fandom have exhausted the secret hidden gems Rowling has carefully and lovingly embedded in our hearts, but the fact that new gems are surfacing, probably not to Rowling’s knowlage shows that literature or even art for that matter, can be like a living and breathing entity; always growing and changing.

Those who are not good at or dislike literature, the subject perhaps do not enjoy it as much as is because they cannot feel. I always say that English as a subject, is more a lesson of emotion rather than a thing to be taught. In order to analyse and access the high level stuff, it is integral to be empathetic toward the characters on the page. In order to see the symbolism behind the words, you must crawl into the image that is created by the vivid description’s and see the story behind the words. View the authors’ thought process behind each letter, vowel and constant displayed before you, for every word on the page is deliberately picked; its weight surpasses gold.

Analytical english encourages you to either you pick up on the author’s thoughts and feelings, or your emotions based on the writer’s choice of words. You explain what you’re feeling or why you’re feeling or what perhaps, the poet’s feelings are. English is not an easy subject for those who do not feel, but for those melodramatic drama queens like myself, are confirmed an A*.

Despite the many memes that make fun of analysing a blue curtain, as a prospecting literature student I find that I agree with the teacher, in the many ways of interpreting a literary image. There is an innate sense of euphoria that arises when I analyse so deep I seem to be sinking in words, thoughts and emotions, that I’d imagine many people like   me feel.

English language as a subject is a further and rawer exploration of emotion expressed through 27 letters of the alphabet and the occasional use of a symbol to mimic the telling of a story by verbal communication. In the creative writing section, it is pure feelings and thoughts expressed through variations of words and sentences.

A person’s interpretation of a piece is dependant on their background, life experiences, morales, values, religion and so many more factors that play into one’s ideas surrounding a set text. All good art, as literature is an art form, invokes an intense response, and it’s up to the artist (or author)  to get the response they want.

I hope that this post has somehow inspired you to enjoy english, not as a subject but as a teaching of emotion. I also hope that it’s changed your perspective of english, and pray that one day you will hold english to the esteem that I do.

“The purpose of literature is to turn blood into words” – TS Elliot




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