People & Their Stories

You know what I’m always amazed by ?

The amount of people on this earth.

All these homo sapiens, their births recorded meticulously on birth registries, all existing on this earth exactly the same time as me. Sit on a busy street for 5 minutes, the plethora of people that pass you by; some you may know, but the most you will not. Sit in traffic even, with the windows obscuring their faces, obscuring your vision. Maybe some whizz by on a motorbike, or serenely pass on a bicycle; helmet, knee and arm pads all a blur.

Some have goals beyond your widest imaginations and some will have future brighter than the brightest of stars. You may not know their name, but you have the briefest inkling to how their chapter of their story is going by the facial expression that you glimpse at as you quietly observe. Perhaps their eyebrows are knitted together, and the cause of tension is next to their right ear. A phone, communicating with another person. You ponder on the reasons behind it, each one seemingly more unrealistic as the next, but you will never know the veracity of these imaginary accounts.

You try to guess a persons story by their appearance; their state of clothing, hair length and bodily size but the truth is unless you are Sherlock Holmes with deduction powers beyond the normal average human mind you’ll find that you usually build on stereotypes. But, we all know that stereotypes although initially built on truth stray an ocean’s width far from the reality.

I love stories, arguably fantasy far more than real life ones, but I love learning people’s stories; their backgrounds, their thoughts, morales and ideas because most of the time they are ever so different from my own. I think that’s why the Facebook page “Humans of New York (HONY)” has had such a raging success, because it’s the teensiest snippet of insight into another person’s life, and perhaps more realistic than most celebrity autobiographies. Their tales span from long posts about cancer survivors to short one sentence biographies about a kindergartener transitioning to a first grader. I believe people like myself, and people even not like me have a natural, human curiosity to the lives that other people live, because despite us living on the same planet, we exist in totally different, in our perspective, universes.

Another reason for HONY’s universal love is it is a testament, an ever evolving display of how unique and individual our lives are, and really shows how diverse the human race as a species is. Do not forget the lives that have never been documented, or only known by a few journalists, that shy from society and live a primitive lifestyle.

Every story is unlike one others, they are intricately designed and detailed. Few may know where their story is going and everybody hasn’t the faintest clue how their story is going to end. But unfortunately, every story has to end.

*cue deep and emotional passage that inspires you to live life and love people done probably more times on this blog alone than necessary*

I realise that there are so many life metaphors that can explain ‘living life to the fullest’ – I’ve thoroughly explored the metaphor that life is a journey, a stage and now, a story, but I think it shows how versatile life is, as a metaphor at least. Life is, what you make of it, and the fact that I’ve been writing a lot about it lately shows how much I’m thinking about it. Regardless of my story which is being written, with minutes instead of ink, I believe the stories shared through pixels, paper and photographs seek to illuminate who we are as people, and to share experiences from all walks of life.



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