Alternate Universes.

I wonder in an alternate universe, would I be fat, skinny, taller or shorter? Smarter, dumber, in love with some one or just breaking up? Perhaps I love coffee more than I do, or maybe I don’t. Am I happier, living where I am now, or am I living somewhere completely different? Maybe I’m worse off, with details that don’t need divulgence.

I dream of planets where the grass is a teal blue and the sky is emerald green, during the day stars illuminate the sky and the sun, a mere flicker shines on the murky night – a cosmos totally undisturbed by the laws of physics. Places where land is untouched by humans, the natural symbiotic relationship between animal and plant just existing, a gorgeous picture book tranquillity that will never pierce our planet, this Earth any time soon. Lush colonies of overgrown pines, inhabited by timid, christmas card woodland creatures and on the other end of the spectrum, raging rainforests overcome by giant Cebo trees. Supporting life from the tiniest termite to the largest tiger which prowls nocturnally.

In stark contrast, visions of a world totally overrun by technology and concrete, employing automations from Star Trek to Star Wars and beyond our current and imagined known technological limits. Sky scrapers that puncture the sky and lights that never dim, incandesce not fading with the sun seemingly falling from the roof of  the planet due to our human vision, leaving less of a dark inky mess hanging over the world. 

Dystopias which abandon the use of electricity in favour of the elements – towns and cities ruled by the 4 elements, a little bit of magic and harmony. A haven with no conflict or anger, just the obedience of water, fire, earth and air.

String Theory, explained in a youtube video here. There are countless of resources and websites explaining string theory and if you have time I highly recommend you divulge into it. The theorem takes place before the big bang, and speaks of a multiverse of universes. It perceives us to be like insects on a soap bubble (our universe) that is expanding, but like insects on fly paper we can’t escape, and are henceforth, stuck. However, string theory says that there are other bubbles, a multiverse, which allows a slightest possibility for alternate realities. To me, string theory is so fascinating and shows how small we are in relation to the whole universe, which could be expanding right as you read this sentence. I suppose it’s definitely helped me to put my problems in perspective – one late class assignment is relatively tiny against the future of our world. If you’d like to see string theory ‘performed’, watch the Flash. Apart from the beauty that is Grant Gustin, the talented and informative script embeds jewels of hardcore scientific knowlage which may help you, a tad bit, in Physics.

One of my favourite things to feed my imagination is to wonder, pontificate, dream of different realities, different societies or even worlds, all daydreams (even nightmares) as vivid as the azure blue sky that shines constantly through my window. However, the only thing I never alter is my face. It’s taken me a while to appreciate the darker tan I have in comparison to others of my race, but it helps me to stand out from the crowd. It’s given me a healthy glow. Nowadays I’ve not been eating a lot and as a growing girl I know I need to eat, so I hope that soon not only will I be happy with the tone of my skin but also my body. An eating disorder is one I don’t want to have, and I sincerely hope that you will never have to go through the torture of hating your own body.

Sometimes it feels like the world you live in is just not real – almost as if it were an alternate reality. Perhaps it’s because life is an absolute daydream, life’s been amazing for the first time in such a long while. Every movement seems deliberate and defined, your vision is some how 10 times clearer and each colour more vivid as the days go by. Hard work, fuelled by caffeine and laughter reaps rewards far greater than cash. But most of the time, the world feels like it’s a dark place. When the weight of the world feels like it’s going to crush you, and you don’t know if you can keep going. Each breath is laboured and every step is tougher and sometimes you can’t feel the sun’s warmth on your back. Most days you even forget the sun’s rise and fall because you’re wrapped up in emotions of the previous night. You do not want this world to be a reality.

But perhaps, you need to open your eyes; to the beauty this reality you live in has to offer, get your mind out of your problems, struggles, anxiety, thoughts and despair. Seek help, from people, as it is a sign of strength and great courage. Throughout the entire cosmos of possible realities, there must be a reason to why you are going through what you are facing – to learn a lesson perhaps, meet new people or gain a new perspective of life. An important, valuable experience will immortalise once you leave the rut you’re in.

Accept the reality that is, but not the situation you’re in.



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