Specifically: Journalling.

A journal is much more than a book, bound by glue, filled with blank, empty pages. Some are lined and mostly filled with an untidy black inky scrawl, almost as undecipherable as hieroglyphics. A journal is more than just a notebook sitting prettily on a desk as a decoration. No, it is far more than that.

Your journal is the most powerful counsellor you may encounter.You can truly spill you innermost thoughts, dreams and desires without fear of judgement, because by right, a journal is for no one’s eyes but yours. A journal lays as an outlet for emotion to be expressed. And when you look back you begin to understand and decipher so accurately what you may be feeling. Not just with negative thoughts, although it helps, almost like a 24 hour open line phone call with your psychologist, a journal also helps you recognize the good in your life too. Wether it be from reading past entries, or journalling the most current, it gives you a truly personal, unique perspective on the world.

I’ve taken up journalling (or diary writing) since I was 12. It has served as a fantastic keeper of my memories, my ideas and aspirations as a young child, and I enjoy immensely seeing them evolve. Even as I look back a couple months, I see perhaps my desired career path has changed, or I write less about a boy I liked in favour of a detailed outing with friends. Sometimes I can’t even read my writing, having scribbled my thoughts down so quickly, but sometimes, as if by magic I remember the exact scene I was in, as if it were a flashback in a movie. I remember what I was wearing, where I was, what pen I was using and what my state of mind was.

As a Christian, I have learned the benefits of journalling down prayers, or simply journalling and letting God flow a revelation through my pen. That is most often when I find my biggest ideas and inspiration moments, when I am simply meditating, not writing about my life, but waiting expectantly for the download God has for me that night for my life. Progress in my spiritual life can be closely tracked by my entries, and I get to read back my journey like a constantly changing story. Even not as a Christian, as a creative exercise (especially if you are introverted), sit in silence for a while to pontificate about nothing. Don’t stress out about not being able to wipe your mind, some experts say we can only handle 15 seconds of silence. Nevertheless, somehow, like a fisherman drawing in a sudden catch, an astonishing idea will be drawn out of the murky depths of your mind for you to grow and develop.

Your journal is as well as a counsellor, a personal secretary. Bullet journalling has melded your personal life with work life, though some may choose to keep it separate, the fusions and integration instead of compartmentalisation makes life far more hassle free.

I believe journalling is an art form everyone can take part in, regardless if you enjoy/have a deep passion for writing. It is also an excellent form of mindfulness, well advertised by top bestseller books and big hit blogs.  Wether it be specifically bullet journalling or diary style journalling, you can be assured an investment into a regular, ordinary notebook with a promise at least tri-weekly to be written in, will not go to waste.


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