I've moved from a community I grew up in, a place where I could call home for many years. I used to say hello to people in the corridors and people would greet me, peers and teachers alike. I may not have been Miss Popularity but people knew me by what I had done for... Continue Reading →


English Literature

The thing about literature that I love is how different people can interpret things different ways. A key feature of the Harry Potter fandom, other than the fact that our fandom is ever present, is that people are still presenting new theories and ideas, head canons and symbolic features behind JK's work. I believe that we've... Continue Reading →

Don’t Doubt Yourself.

Today, I stood on stage and received two awards for the end of year Awards Presentation Assembly. Just last week, I had completed my Duke Of Edinburgh Bronze 'Adventurous Journey' and three days ago I received the fantastic news that I achieved a distinction in my Grade 4 Trinity Flute Exam.  At the minute, 'model... Continue Reading →

The Stress of Being Me.

I'm feeling very inspired by a friend of mine, who spoke recently about something I never thought would come up as a relevant topic for a speech. As I have a chemistry test for tomorrow, I think this is a perfect time to write about the stress of living the Asian life.

Saving the Human Race.

The past generation has messed the planet, now we've have to fix. But we're gonna push it to the next generation because we believe that they're gonna fix things because they have the technology and they have the brains to do it, just like the last generation did. My friends, we are not saving the planet, we are saving the human race.

Work Hard.

So now, it's exam season. And everyone hates exams. Well, you’ve got the few odd balls who love exams (NOT ME. HONEST.).


One of my favourite playwrights is William Shakespeare, and his quote here is absolutely true. One of the most annoying things about love is that you expect your significant other to be there for you, but sometimes, that is the root of your heartache. It doesn't necessarily have to apply to a context of romance,... Continue Reading →

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